Happy International Earth Day

Happy International Earth Day

By Merrit Mielke

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Today is International Earth Day and therefore the perfect start for us to tell you some facts about this day and its connection to our company mission.

What is Earth Day?

Every year on April 22nd, the international Earth Day takes place. True to the motto "There is no planet B", our earth is observed on this day. To be honest, this happens far too rarely. This makes this one day a year all the more important when all attention should be directed to our earth. The history of the international Earth Day began in 1970 and every year a specific motto is dedicated to this day. (Source: Earth Day International )

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What is the motto of Earth Day 2022?

This year's Earth Day motto is: "Your clothes make the man. Sustainable, organic and fair suits you and the earth better."
It's about shopping consciously and dressing sustainably. The motto also focuses on wearing clothes for longer and then disposing of them in the best possible way. It's about getting everyone involved. This goes out to all consumers, manufacturers, and sellers. Everyone can help change the fashion industry. (Source: Earth Day International )
For more information about International Earth Day, please visit Earth Day.

What does this day have to do with our company?

It's simple. We strive to change this world and the fashion industry in particular. So that every day is "International Earth Day" and we can give something good back to the earth. That's why we founded the brand " OH OH OM ethical sportswear ". That's why we manufacture products made from micromodal and pollutant-free, biodegradable elastane. We also give used clothing a new life. In the so-called " REBORN COLLECTION ", items of clothing are upcycled and thus reintroduced into the clothing cycle. We believe that each of us can actively participate in restructuring the current grievances. You can read exactly what grievances the fashion industry has in the next article.

by Merrit Mielke


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