May we present: our shirt with Peacesnake print. 

The snake, a wise and perceptive creature, symbol of the mystical feminine.

We have made the Peacesnake out of it.

For us it represents peace within and life force, strength and energy and renewing life force through its ability to shed its skin.  

Since we are dealing with secondhand goods, each shirt is cut a little differently. Here you can find our different sizes:

back length: 62-72 cm hem: 48 - 54 cm 

M back length: 70 cm hem: 56 cm

L back length: 74 cm hem: 53 cm

All shirts have a unisex fit.


We believe in rebirth!

In our REBORN COLLECTION, we focus on making the best use of resources that are already there. Here you will find a fine selection of items that we give a second life and bring back into the cycle.



Fabric: not always known, in most cases 100% cotton.

Print: screen printing with water based ink

Print color: white