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I am Jenne, founder of OH OH OM ethical sportswear and OH OH OM Yoga.

Together with a small team I launched OH OH OM ethical sportswear this year. Out of the need to bring new silhouettes into the yoga world and all that plastic-free. The environment is very close to our hearts and the fashion industry is unfortunately one of the biggest burdens. Microplastics enter the environment with every wash and most of our clothing has plastics such as elastane, polyester, acrylic, polyamide etc. as an ingredient. For a long time, there were no comparably good alternatives for making elastic products sustainable and plastic-free. Our pieces are elastic. We use a special kind of elastane called Roica V550, which is biodegradable without giving off microplastics. This fibre is decomposed by microorganisms without leaving any residue. So you can safely throw our clothes on the compost heap, everything in them is made of natural materials. Ingenious, right?